Kubotan – Dice Handles


Product Features:

  • 5.5 inch overall length
  • Colorful patterns or solid colors
  • Aircraft aluminum
  • Solid steel key ring
  • One can protect themselves with a harmless looking defense tool
  • Also receive a FREE “Striking Point” poster.

Colors/Styles: Red with Black Dice | Black with Red Dice | Black with Pink Dice | Steel with Black Dice | Purple with Pink Cupcakes



  • This small stick that is known as the Kubotan is used as a self defense weapon. It can be used to deliver a painful blow to an assailant. They are extremely easy to use, and nearly anyone can be trained to use one. The weapon is made of aircraft aluminum and looks like a simple keychain to would-be attackers.

This tool was invented in the 1960s by Takayuki Kubota in Japan. It is a trademarked brand of self defense weapons. This small stick was based on the koppo stick, yawara stick or night stick. The general idea is that the would-be victim can use the small piece of metal to hit, stab or maim an assailant.

Carry the power of defense with you at all times. These kubotans are perfect for defense on the go and can give anyone that edge when faced with an attacker. Our kubotans are made from aluminum and are very strong, hard and solid, yet light-weight. We included a free key chain that will make this item easy to carry as well as perpetuate the look of a harmless key chain charm. These kubotans, however, are anything but harmless. The tip of the kubotan features a very distinct point, while the dice that run up and down it make it very pleasing to the eye. Get your hands on this amazing addition to Public Safety today and deal some damage of your own.

Also receive a FREE “Striking Point” poster.

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Designer Kubotan

Red with Black Dice, Black with Red Dice, Black with Pink Dice, Steel with Black Dice, Purple with Pink Cupcakes